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The App-MM aims to track material movements in the production area (Material Tracking & Tracing) The material movements relevant for material tracking are scanned in the SAP© and transferred to the MES. If the MES supports returns from production to the warehouse, Work Line Connect® handles the creation of transfer orders or stock transfer postings. Both SAP© MM and SAP© -WM / EWM functions are supported as push and / or pull methods.

Material Movement Matrix

The central component of the APP-MM is a material movement matrix. The storage and transport structure to be specified in the application Customizing is queried for relevance in each case in SAP© MM or WM / EWM. Similarly, Work Line Connect® uses the material movement matrix for relevant messages from the MES.

If a relevant material movement is determined from the matrix, this leads to a posting in the SAP© or MES system.

The following material movements are distinguished

  • General Material Transport (MBEW) 
    A general material transport is triggered when a shipment from warehouse to production, production to SAP© or a transportation production to production is reported.
  • Goods Received 
    Notification of a goods receipt from the MES to the SAP© system.
    The messages are grounded order-related and order-neutral in material movements.
  • Goods Delivered 
    Notification of a goods issue from the MES to the SAP© system

Material Batches

When split functions are expected to separate deliveries from the warehouse to production, Work Line Connect® allocates the total quantity of the shipment based on container sizes and identifies each individual package separately. The MES can therefore record and track each unit separately.


The labeling processes required in the transport process are supported by the open structure of the App-MM. Via application customizing, the requirement for the output of labels and the use of dedicated print programs is integrated.

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