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Both initial installations as well as all changes to the software in the /SWCONN/ namespace (SP, EP, RP) are basically carried out by importing standard SAP© transports into the customer's development system.

There, basic customizing takes place, which is then transported to the Q system together with the software. On the Q system, the customer-specific customizing then implements the integration of the software into the system and application landscape of the customer, if required (not in the case of SP deliveries).

Due to the high standardization and parameterization of the software i.d.R. already with an installation effort of about 5 days a first standard coupling between the SAP© system and the MES system can be realized; the main effort consists in the required mapping of the data structures between the systems, which (due to the customization of the systems at the customer independent of Work Line Connect®) can be different for every customer in many details and therefore has to be verified field by field during the installation.

In addition, special adjustments and extensions are made on the basis of specific customer requirements.

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