The product Work Line Connect®
is the result of many years of experience in interface development for SAP © Business Suite ECC 6.0 and subdivided systems. The knowledge gained from a large number of projects was compiled, the commonalities separated from the customer specifics, the underlying principles of data processing abstracted and incorporated into a model of a universal solution.

The architecture of Work Line Connect®
enables further product developments in the form of Service Packages (SP) for troubleshooting, Enhancement Packages (EP) for functional enhancement or modification or Release Packages (RP) for the transition to a new design-technical platform; so that their delivery does not require customization of the custom installation environment.

This implies that the default software objects of Work Line Connect® will not change after installation on a customer system, as overriding in the context of service delivery would alter the existing running behavior of the software.

To ensure this, the Work Line Connect® comes with a unique release and installation number in its own SAP namespace with source editing locks. Modification of individual standard objects in the namespace is only possible in special cases on application and after issuing an object change key by Work Line Connect GmbH. For licensing reasons, it is technically ensured that Work Line ConnectTM can only run within the protected namespace.

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