Work Line Connect® is built according to a model of independently configurable, concentric "shells" (layers) with 3 workbench and 2 customizing layers, called ICCL (Independently Customizable Concentric Layers). Each of the layers handles specific tasks:

The Core Layer contains the programs, structure definitions and data objects that perform all the technical tasks of the software

Core Layer Customizing is used to set up the software in the technical system environment of the customer

The Application Layer contains all application modules installed at the customer for the realization of business processes (PP/PI, MM, ...)

The Application Layer Customizing contains all application-specific settings for the application modules, in particular the mapping of the fields between the MES and SAP© system as well as, if applicable, activation- and call-parameters for the optional extension layers

The Extension Layer optionally contains custom add-on modules that are not included in the standard

Each layer builds on the respective "inner" layers. While the Core Layer with its Customizing Layer is indivisible and delivered completely with each installation and set up via the Customizing Layer, the subsequent layers are delivered and customized module by module.

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