The role of Core Layer functions is to provide and integrate the technical capabilities of the Work Line Connect® standard. This layer may be overwritten during service deliveries.

The Core Layer contains the programs, structure definitions and data objects that perform all the technical tasks of the software

Licence Management
to provide and monitor the licensing of the Software

Version Management
provides the actual and tested software version and enables features dependent on release and enhancement packages

Customizing Integration
activates customizing table control for the modules

Database Management
determines the SAP database and optimizes access accordingly, also especially when using SAP S / 4 HANA

Connectivity Surveillance
monitors traffic between the systems ("connected", "disconnected", "timeout", etc.), initiates measures (notifications, program repetition, etc.) if necessary and provides a basis for the planned "I4" module

Exchange Format Management
to adapt to the exchange data formats between SAP and MES (IDOCs, flat files, XML, etc.)


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