It is in the nature of an interface software that its functionalities, which are once set up within the framework of the introductory project, from now on work in secrecy. If malfunctions occur in the processes between the systems, it must first be determined, sometimes in complex analyses, in which of the systems involved the cause of the malfunctions lies or whether an error in the interface itself is responsible.

The control center of the Work Line Connect interface software was created with the functions of the cockpit, the control panel and the monitor in order to summarize all measures relevant for the activation (setup), the setup (customizing), the operation (monitoring) and the troubleshooting (intervention) of the interface in a single central dialog interface.

Starting with the first measures for activating communication with the MES systems in the network (RFC, ports, log systems, etc.) up to the Customizing settings for the complete control of data exchange between SAP and the MES, the user is guided via a clear menu through all necessary functions required for the executable setup of the interface. Analogous to the Implementation Guide (IMG) known from SAP, all necessary SAP transactions and SAP customizing transactions are controlled from there.

In addition, all changes to the interface-relevant customizing as well as the entire data traffic can be displayed in real time via the interface between SAP and all connected MESs. Numerous sorting, filter and summarization functions (with drill-down) enable a large number of statistical reports and tracking of all movements with the associated postings in the SAP system.

Special functions allow the monitoring of malfunctions (e.g. IDOCS that have not been posted) and (in many cases) their elimination by jumping to display or administration transactions in SAP for the elimination of malfunctions.

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