Customizing for Work Line Connect® is using standard SAP© functions to customize tables. These tables are pre-populated with default content at the time of installation and will be customized for the customer during the implementation phase to meet customer-specific environments and requirements.

The functionality of the software largely depends on correct settings in these customizing tables. All relevant installation-, environment- and especially field-mapping-parameters are included in these tables. Changes to customizing settings are documented in a log file, including license-relevant data such as SAP© installation number, plant and a time stamp with date and time.

During primary and version update installation, all customizing tables are copied to a log file with a time stamp. If a change to a customizing entry occurs, a new copy of the entry with a new time stamp is created in the log file. Each time the system uses customizing entries, the contents of the customizing tables are compared to these copies. 

Since the customizing table contents has a significant influence on the program flow and, however, have no time dimension (you only see the latest version of customizing), the customizing change log is required to determine exactly at what time which customizing setting was active. Together with the log files of the transferred data, any problems that have occurred can be limited in time and analyzed in connection with the customizing that was active at that time.

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