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The maintenance of the machines connected to the MES systems must be taken into account in the ERP system as a failure of the corresponding resources. Maintenance can be planned regular maintenance or unplanned accident cases. Scheduled maintenance as well as maintenance / repair as a result of an accident can be scheduled or recorded in both the ERP system and the MES system and transmitted to the other system.

In addition to the planning and process-operational perspective, the procurement of resources (personnel, tools, spare parts, etc.) and the allocation and booking of the associated costs must also be taken into account and controlled.

Scheduled maintenance

In the ERP system, capacity planning for planned orders must take into account that a machine is not available for orders during the maintenance period.

Maintenance as a result of increasing tolerances

Maintenance may also be required if increasing tolerance deviations or rejects seem to require the need to replace a tool soon or to calibrate a gauge.

In this case, after clarifying the availability of suitable personnel and spare parts, an "unplanned planned" maintenance date is determined and must be stored in the ERP system as well as in the MES system. Further handling of unplanned scheduled maintenance dates follows the pattern of scheduled maintenance.

Maintenance as a result of an accident (incident)

In this case, there is a sudden failure of a machine or a tool resulting in the interruption of a production process.

On the one hand, the effects of this interruption on the execution of the order have to be handled and communicated between the systems (ERP / MES), on the other hand the necessary measures (order service and / or spare parts / tools within or at subcontractors) must be initiated and implemented in the system (ERP and MES or MES and ERP, depending on the leading system for these cases) and controlled in all aspects (request / order, delivery, clearing / payment, cost center (s)).

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