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The App-PP includes all infrastructural functions for the handling of production order data in the sense of the connection between SAP© ERP and the MES to be connected. Here, the functions extend the order data transfer from SAP© to MES and beyond the notification of production results to specific requirements. The functional width covers the following requirements:

Job Data Transfer

In addition to the preparation of all information available in the order, additional functions such as. e.g.

  • Adjustment of units of measure between planning and process level.
  • Transfer of optimizing parameters for set-up and order control.
  • Specification of tool and accessory components for the process steps.


Order Data Maintenance

By processing order schedule changes, Work Line Connect® harmonises SAP© order management with the MES. The functional width covers:

  • Creation of new orders
  • Quantity and date changes,
  • Change of resource allocation,
  • Order summary and order split

The effects of the plan data changes are evaluated in SAP© via the availability check and returned to the MES as an escalation notification.

Order Fulfillment

The result data resulting from the MES are called order backlog in the form of

  • Time feedback or
  • Amount feedback


In addition, material consumption data for the order is posted as confirmation. If more or less consumption occurs in order processing, these requirements can be handled in the App-PP.

Status Concept

A status concept is used to secure the planning and control process in SAP© and MES. All control and feedback steps carried out in the MES are embedded in a corresponding order status and thus registered in the SAP© system.

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