Work Line Connect® is a standard software that, unlike customer-developed software solutions, is subject to regular bug-fixing, optimization, enhancement, and additional feature developement.

As a result, each customer receives a current Version, a mix of the versions of each Work Line Connect® software component during installation. These installation versions of the software are stored in our customer database for each customer.

Each component - the core layer, each application module of the application layer together with the associated module components in the extension layer - has it's own version number, a combination of release, enhancement and service package numbers with the structure "rp-nr.ep-nr.sp-nr" (example):

  • Core       
  • App-PP   
  • App-MM 
  • App-QM 
  • App-PM

1.1.4 (RP 1, EP 1, SP 4)
1.0.3 (RP 1, EP 0, SP 3)
1.3.2 (RP 1, EP 3, SP 2)
1.1.7 (RP 1, EP 1, SP 7)
1.2.1 (RP 1, EP 2, SP 1)


Under the terms of the license agreements, we periodically provide our customers with version updates including bug fixes (SP), enhancements or modifications (EP), or upgrades to new design-technical platforms (RP). Additional, non-licensed application modules, are not delivered in this process.

As part of service contacts, our service personnel will always first check the customer's installed software version and verify, if the reported problem had already been reported previously (by the same or another customer). For this purpose, all customer inquiries, together with the remedial measures, are stored in our Service Request and FAQ database. There, the service employee also recognizes, whether the solution to the already announced problem had resulted in a modification of the software and in which version the bug had been fixed. He or she then will propose to install the last version. Otherwise, the incident will be analysed and solved individually.

If the incident was caused by a bug in the software, the bug will be fixed on our development system and the software-component will be given a new "sp-nr" and will be transported to the customer developement (D) or testing (Q) system. The transport into the production system will be carried out by the customer's IT people after sufficient testing to ensure, that the bug-fix was successful. 

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