Work Line Connect® is a native SAP® application, developed with the SAP® Development Workbench in ABAP/4 and ABAP-OO. As interface software, the software is a so-called "middleware": the productive functions of the software work without dialog components. 

In addition, Work Line Connect® has been given a "face to the customer" with the interactive control center ("the control panel") completed in the second quarter of 2019. 

The control panel provides all means to set up the software (setup, customizing) on the customer's systems and monitor the operation of Work Line Connect® (monitoring and troubleshooting). More information can be found in the section The Control Panel

The control panel is also the basis of the "I4" module. It already provides a far-reaching monitoring and analysis interface, via which the current status and history of the processes and data transmitted via the interface can be evaluated according to many different criteria. Further functionalities for the digitalization of the production processes in the sense of an industry 4.0 integration are planned for future expansion stages.

As far as it makes sense, a web-based interface (Fiori), also for mobile devices, will then be possible.

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