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The goal for the application module "I4" is to integrate the representation of all logistic supply and demand processes that communicate via Work Line Connect® or that are connected to the I4 module of Work Line Connect for completeness, across all involved Systems in a central control room.

This includes all planned and actual demand (for procurement, storage, production, customer order, picking, shipping, etc.) and planned and actual supplies for these requirements. It should be possible to use drill-down functionalities to resolve every status of a logistic or productive activity in the company down to the level of individual work steps or to consolidate it down to high aggregation levels and key figures. Traffic light functions indicate the status of activities and enable jump-offs in SAP© transactions or workflows for troubleshooting.

The entry into the application module "I4" is represented by the control panel, released since the 2nd quarter of 2019, whose functionality is described in the section The Control Panel. The further functionalities of the module are still being planned.